How to Choose and Use Essential Oils

By knowing how to use essential oils, you will be able to get all of the benefits especially when you use a diffuser. There are essential oil diffuser reviews you can check online so you will not have a hard time picking one for your home or office. The effects are great and you will really smell the fragrance of the oil because diffusers spread the scent evenly. Choose an essential oil that is perfect for the kind of effect you are looking for and your purpose.

When you choose an essential oil, it will depend on the kind of effect that you want to experience. Do you want it to use it for elevating your mood, or is it for other health purposes? Each type of essential oil is has its own beneficial effects to a person. You can buy a book about aromatherapy and there are a lot that you can buy from stores or online. In this post you will find reliable information about essential oils and how you should really use them. These essential oils have magical effects when used properly and to find out more about them, continue reading this post:

How to use an essential oil

When essential oils enter the body, there are 3 ways – if it is applied to the skin, ingested, or inhaled. From each of these essential oil, there are a lot of methods on how you can apply it. You can apply them by using compresses, spraying, bathing, or massaging the skin.

What is the application method you should choose?

The way to apply the essential oil depends on what kind of effect you want to have and the type of oil. For instance, there are essential oils that can cause irritation to the skin due to its chemistry composition. They need to be diluted or inhalation might be required to get a better effect.

When you buy an essential oil, the method for application will depend on what kind of condition needs to be treated and what kind of effect you want to achieve. If you are going to use it for treating wounds, topical application is the best. When people want to improve their mood, they can either inhale it or go for topical application as well, but inhalation has a quicker effect. And if it’s only for bathing, inhalation or topical absorption is done.

Essential oil diffuser

Essential oils are placed here and it is either mixed with water and sometime even heat to make them evaporate. By using a diffuser, you are given convenience because essential oils are not supposed to be burned directly because the chemical structure is changed that comes with incineration.

By steaming the essential oil

This is when there is a bowl of steaming water and drops of essential oil is mixed in. This will vaporize the oil allowing you to inhale it. This is a very direct method and you are advised not to put more than two drops because it will be very potent. When you use this method, keep your eyes closed as much as possible or wear something to protect your eyes. Eucalyptus oil is ideal for this one, but children younger than 7 years old should not use this method.

Dry evaporation method

A few drops of essential oil are placed on cotton ball or tissue letting it evaporate into the air. For a stronger dose and effect, sniff the cotton ball directly. If you only want a mild effect, just leave the cotton in the area and let the scent penetrate the air so you can breathe it in.

Spraying the essential oil

Water-based solution is mixed with a few drops of the essential oil that you choose and then shake it before spraying it into the air so that the room is deodorized or will have a better mood. One good example is by spraying aqueous solution of pine or citrus oils to give a holiday feeling or peppermint solution to make you more alert. Always mix the bottle before spraying so that you will spray the solution and not just the water.

How do they work?

The keyword used to describe how they work is permeation because when an essential oil diffuser is being used, the particles of the oil gets distributed into the air to fill the room. Heat and electricity can also be used, but permeation is the most recognized way of diffusing essential oils because it is more natural. The important thing is that essential oil can be used as the main ingredient for aromatherapy. Research findings indicate that scent of essential oils enter the brain in order to stimulate and promote a sense of wellness that can lead to physical and psychological health. You can find more information about Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser at Recreation Space.

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